Wall, Holiday Lights, Mylar Banner, Fan, Wind, Sound.
Dimensions Variable.

A false wall is installed in front of a gallery wall. Holiday lights are installed from behind. A simple mylar banner hangs across the threshold. An oscillating fan stands within the gallery space, gently blowing air towards the mylar banner. The rhythmic motion of the banner repeats, as does the gentle sound of its movement.

(Detail) It Is What It Is 02

dust on a bookshelf,
a shadow which marks a presence,
the smell of a loved one,
and grass, slowly rising from below your shoes as you walk further on…

My intent as an artist is to draw attention to the simple, yet compelling moments in our everyday surroundings. What is normally not considered is suddenly brought into question. This is how I view my work functioning.

Faced with a culture where anything seems capable of being replicated by industry, I focus on modest, humble attempts at creating, all the while retaining a sensibility shaped by formal tendencies.