linda yun
Detail of Reflect
Light, Fans, Mylar, Wind, Screen, Reflected Light, Sound, Etc...
Linda Yun's latest installation at Vox Populi, Reflect..., takes its cues from the simple moment of observing the seductive flicker of light on water, and the overwhelming sense of frustration, desire, and sadness shadowing all that remains beyond reach. Just as two new lovers desperately seek intimate access to one another, yet truly cannot or sadly never will, one is left feeling quite alone, dwelling on thoughts, memories, and hopes that wander quietly within. Yun is constantly under the spell of this process of reflection, drawn to the physical and visual triggers of such moments of introspection. Within the gallery, Yun imparts new triggers in modest ways, providing yet another moment for the viewer to dwell and mine that elusive space inside each of us.
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