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Paper Stack, Blush, Plinth

Paper Stack, Plinth

Dusted and Close are works which reveal information not on the traditional surface of a sheet of paper, but rather along the edges. In carefully covering the pristine edges of the paper stack with cheap blush in Dusted, delicate details relating to line, color, presence, and surface reveal themselves. The piece developed over time in contemplating the act of mark making, particularly on sheets of paper. Memories of thrashing the lead of a 2B pencil across a clean sheet of drawing paper, and being obsessed with not the mark made, but with the difference in dark richness between the lead on the surface and the lead on the edge of the sheet, is what fueled this particular work. In working within this system of stacked pieces of paper, one cannot help but think of artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Close developed out of a love for Gonzales-Torres, a conversation with fellow artist M.Ho, as well as the indelible mark Gonzales-Torres left on me as a young student with this particular shade of blue. It is forever embedded in my memory, and for this I am eternally grateful…

Dusted & Close
Dusted & Close