linda yun
Move Along / Please Stay
Move Along / Please Stay
Site-Specific Installation for The Space Savers Project

Mirrored Plexi, recycled wood, kitty condo, pillows, rug, kibbles, water, litter box, toys, saw horses, stuffed rat.

Move Along / Please Stay serves as convoluted space saver for me, which serves to illustrate my complicated position within this power struggle for control. On the street side, mirrored plexi the length of a car camouflages the artist’s selfish gesture, reflecting back the image of a vehicle in situ as space seekers drive by. On the opposite side, facing the sidewalk, a street-kitty sanctuary is provided. It serves as a comfortable shelter for these lost creatures with nowhere else to go. The seemingly-generous gesture tap dances around the selfish act on the other side, hopefully distracting neighbors of the space saver in their midst. Although uncomfortable in this position, I have placed the burden on myself. I have created a space saver that is beyond ridiculous, which requires quite a bit of time, commitment, and labor, unlike the quick and dirty traditional space savers, which are light and transportable for the purposes of getting in and out quickly.

13th St, between Wolf and Ritner: Apart from the slow drive-bys, my space saver received some inquisitive looks and polite questions regarding just how long it was to stay (though the undercurrent being, when is it going to be moved?). The most entertaining aspect of the experience was when two elderly ladies stopped to ask if me and Piper we were kitty intake volunteers, looking to catch street kitties for shelters. At some point without my knowledge, someone moved the stuffed rat to the middle of the street, where its life was constantly being threatened by the passing vehicles. It was pretty funny.